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>> Building Business Adventures for Good!

Add+VENTURES Roadmap Podcast

Add+Ventures RoadMap is short for The Add-Ventures Roadmap to Rediscover your Business Adventures.

We are here to support our entrepreneurs who have been around the block.
Present & future entrepreneurs who need to rediscover the adventure of business.
This includes those who have worked for a boss for a very long time and want to fulfill their dream of owning their small business.

Join us on the ultimate journey to rediscover your business adventures together!

Why addVENTURES Club?

addVentures Business Club is a community-based communication & support platform for our entrepreneurs who want to build business adventures for good.  

Those entrepreneurs who want to experience the joys of business while being committed to sustainable business practices towards innovation & progress.

Join our addVentures Business Club

A Community of Entrepreneurs who are Building Business Adventures for Good!


Online and in-person networking events on a bi-weekly, & quarterly basis.


addVentures Academy provides trusted training workshops, courses and templates from years of practical experience.


Passing along knowledge and experience for the greater good of our founders in training.


Nothing tastes as good as knowing you are appreciated and are making a difference to the world around you.

The addVentures Values


Striving towards reciprocal trust, respect & responsibility in our journey to change the world for good.


Cultivating a neutral mindset free from personal bias created by background and affiliations. Seeing the world as it is and as it should be in a perfect world.


An inquisitive interest in finding creative solutions and building our network of knowledge in our journey to change the world for good.


Focusing our business to have a positive influence on the environment, community & society as a whole.

Expedition Business Podcast

The highs & lows of our South African entrepreneurs and how they manage to keep the flame of business adventure burning.

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