Add+VENTURES Roadmap Podcast

We are here to support our entrepreneurs who have been around the block.

Present & future over 50 entrepreneurs who need to rediscover the adventure of business. This includes those who have worked for a boss for a very long time and want to fulfill their dream of owning their small business.

The Add-Venture RoadMap has 7 Add-Venture Activities, almost like an adventure race with multiple activities to conquer. The difference is you will be crisscrossing between these activities on your road to rediscover yourself and your business:

1. Finding your Why
2. Love Thy Client
3. Summit your Mind
4. Simplify the complexities of business
5. Rowing with the Flow
6. Balancing BOP, and
7. Splashing in the Lateral

Meet your Host

With over 30 years of experience in the field of strategic marketing planning, marketing communication, and business in general Christél Rosslee-Venter  has got a wealth of knowledge that works on ground level across various industries.

Her number one strength is to help you through a process of marketing coaching & consultation to find answers to the questions you did not even think off when you started your journey to expand your business.

From there experience kicks in to bring you the most cost effective solution to achieve the results that you require as quickly as possible.

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Pilot Episode of The Add+ Ventures Roadmap

Welcome to the pilot episode of The Add+Ventures Roadmap (to Rediscover your Business Adventures). We have been helping entrepreneurs build their businesses since 2004 and are here to help you, the entrepreneur who has been around the block, to rediscover your business adventures...


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We’ll be in your inbox once a week with real-lifeimplementable

  • Business Solutions 
  • Opinion Pieces
  • and more
  • to help you to succeed in your business.