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Christél Rosslee-Venter
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Need one-on-one business coaching & consulting?

addVENTURES Business Club prides itself on delivering cost-effective group based business coaching & consulting services.  If you do require one-on-one attention, we suggest hopping over to AddVenture Business Coaching & Content, for a variety of one-on-one marketing communication services


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You will also have access to tips & techniques to make your adverts achieve the results you require.

As a Premium Member, you will receive an opportunity to share your knowledge & expertise on our Online Networking & Expert Panels as an invited guest.  A perfect opportunity for extra publicity & exposure.

You have the option to give a membership away as a gift to someone that you care about.

The ideal way to help someone to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Paying it forward one step at a time.

We would like to reward our members who share the value of addVENTURES with their friends, family & colleagues.  

We are after all in this together.

For each referral that converts into a paying member, you will receive 10% of that membership fee for as long as the person stays a member and you remain a member.

If you want to act as an affiliate without wanting to be compensated for your effort, we can make a monthly donation on your behalf to a charity, church or school of your choice.

Have you ever experienced that you need to block off time to get certain tasks like writing your blog article or getting your admin up to date, done? 

The Online Co-Working Space is there for you to use your fellow members as accountability partners, before going into your own productive space.

It is also a very quick networking opportunity and helps to build trust and reciprocity no matter where in the world you are.


If you do not find value in the platform that we are offering, you are welcome to cancel your subscription.  If you cancel your subscription within 7 days after registration, we will gladly refund your subscription.  Please note that once you have received your refund, you will not be able to re-register.


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  • Opinion Pieces
  • and more
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