addVENTURES PowerHour

Networking for Entrepreneurs

Are you passionate about growing your network and your business?

Are you passionate about developing entrepreneurship?

Are you keen to expand your business adventures?

Then you should join us at addVENTURES Power Hour Networking for Entrepreneurs.  

18:00 – 19:00

What is addVENTURES Power Hour Networking for Entrepreneurs?

  • An opportunity to nip & tuck your elevator pitch.
    (Yes, there is always room for improvement.)
  • An opportunity to test drive your new business or new business idea.
  • Hone your sales skills in a friendly environment.

Elevator Pitch

Each PowerHour session will give you the opportunity to test-drive your Elevator Pitch in our break-out sessions following our guest speaker’s discussion.

Why test-drive your elevator pitch?  As entrepreneurs we are blessed with opportunities to share our stories on the strangest of places at the most unexpected times.

Having a captivating elevator pitch that you can be proud off, will also lead to infinite opportunities.  Guaranteed!

What to expect from addVENTURES Power Hour Networking for Entrepreneurs Session?

How to Network 101
Elevator Script Guidelines | General Sales & Marketing Pointers | AIDA
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Solid Feedback
Get honest Feedback from your Program Director & Fellow Entrepreneurs
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Prospects in Hand
Share your contacts | Receive More Contacts
You won't leave Empty Handed
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PowerHour Feedback

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PowerHour FAQ

We believe that every entrepreneur
has the power to change the world for good.

We believe in the positive impact of business
on the environmentsociety, and on ourselves.

We do not believe in a here today,

gone tomorrow

and that’s OK attitude.

We believe in a business world
free from envy, greed & politics.

Two – three people will receive the opportunity to deliver a 3-minute presentation on their company each week.

If you need individualized assistance with the planning, copywriting & design of your presentation, AddVenture Business Coaching & Content can assist you.  

Contact to book your presentation spot.

Don’t have an elevator speech yet?  That 30″ – 60″ speech to entice a complete stranger that you have just met in an elevator to want to find out more about yourself and your company.

Pop your query to for assistance.

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We’ll be in your inbox once a week with real-lifeimplementable

  • Business Solutions 
  • Opinion Pieces
  • and more
  • to help you to succeed in your business.